Tactical De-escalation Training

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Too often, we listen to respond vs. listening to understand This is due to years of underdeveloped concepts and lack of updated processes and procedures. For systemic change to occur, we need to understand how everything plays into the outcome of the situations we face daily. The purpose of Tactical De-escalation training is to gain an advanced understanding of how decisions made during everyday situations are influenced by the contributing factors of: appearance verbal and non-verbal cues positioning demeanor tone the fight or flight response Attendees of this course will gain more options and be exposed to an enlightened mindset on safe and effective methods to reduce the use of force and liability risks involved in our field of work. During the course, we will: dissect the situational preconceived opinions of the public work through the stress model of crisis identify the active trigger points evaluate and establish the tactical mindset to develop a new understanding of dealing with the public and ourselves

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